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What is and who are PH Life Coaching?

PH Life Coaching has been set up by myself in conjunction with my therapy business helping individuals seek the help that they need and to change the way life is currently for that person. I have over 20 years of therapy and life coaching experience and have put all my knowledge and expertise in to helping others achieve their own goals and dreams. Life coaching is the process of helping someone find the path between where they are now and where they want to be. It is about setting and achieving goals in many areas of life including business, health and wellbeing, career, relationships and work-life balance. It can be as broad as wanting to find what will make you happier or as specific as wanting to start a new job. A life coach uses insightful questioning to help their clients identify the goals they want to achieve, recognise their current circumstances, consider all the options open to them and choose which actions they will take within a defined timeframe. Life coaching centres around the belief that everyone can achieve their goals through acknowledging and using their own resources, rather than being told what to do.

Coaching can also help people who aren’t sure what they want from life, they’re only sure about what they don’t want. A skilled coach can help a client consider all areas of their life and narrow down what they want to focus on and what might be holding them back from achieving it. They will also help a client to recognise their strengths and how these can assist them with their goal. This knowledge, combined with working out the values that drive the client, can help set positively framed goals that centre around achieving something rather than avoiding something. And it doesn’t stop there. Life coaching will provide clients with the ongoing tools, techniques and strategies to create change and success that actually lasts. 

Although some skills do cross over with life coaching, it is separate to therapy, counselling, mentoring or consulting. Having said that, many therapists, mentors and consultants have chosen to add life coaching to their skill set, siting how useful coaching skills are, supporting support their work. 

Like therapists and counsellors, life coaches keep what is discussed during sessions confidential and need to raise their awareness to identify when a client should be referred to one of the above alternatives for support

Over the years it has helped myself grow as a person and also to look at every single individual in a different way and now with new techniques coming out it is easier to help people get 
the desired advice and help that they need.

I have over the years worked in conjunction with Southend Borough Council & CHP (Chelmer Housing Partnership) in providing sessions to many clients, and below are some of the comments from them:


"Thanks for all your help, I wouldn't of been able to do it without you" - Ross

"You're the only person that I trust to talk too" - Reece

"You are such an asset to have in the counselling profession" - China

"You have helped me come through such dark times, so thank you" - Richard

"It not only helps me free my mind, but gives me exercise too" 
- Tej

"I would never of thought about it like that until we discussed it" - Katie


Paul Hutchins MBACP

Certificate in Life Coaching
& Mentoring

BACP Registered Member

Diploma in Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Counselling
(Dip in Couns)

Diploma in CBT with the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

Diploma in CBT with IANLPC

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