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Life Coaching

People get confused when talking about Counselling/Therapy and Life Coaching and what exactly is each one. Coaching focuses on asking relevant questions. It is about focusing on the personal values of the client and what they would like to achieve. It helps the client to gain a deeper self-awareness, which means that it helps them to know themselves on a deeper and more intimate level. This process allows the client to think for themselves (Just like in counselling), rather than asking for advice and gaining dependency on the life coach. it also places the client in a reflective state, whereby the client can challenge their own beliefs, whether they maybe false, limiting or unhelpful they can begin the journey of living a more authentic life.

Life coaching will show you that you are valuable, and that you have the resources and skills to help you achieve your goals, and that you can focus on goals that you have actively chosen, rather than be influenced by others. Coaching will also help you ascertain what your values and beliefs are. This is important, and it comes from greater self-awareness. Once you understand yourself more, you will understand what limiting beliefs or lies have held you back and understanding that sometimes our beliefs can actually lie to us. This is the start of enlightenment for you and begins the journey of authentically and successfully reaching your goal.

What would you like to help with?

Relationships Your at a crossroads in life
Need motivation to achieve your goal You feel stuck
Career Need help and direction
Location Need accountability

Our services come in a variety of ways and a way to make you feel comfortable too. You can have your sessions in the following ways:

 At our premises  Online via Zoom On the Phone Home Visits

Sessions are not limited but are at least 1+ hour long and agreed between client and coach when booking a session.
Sessions are pre-booked in advance and whenever the client feels the need.
If there is any alterations we will notify you at least 24 hours in advance.
If you cancel your appointment with us within 24 hours of your selected appointment time, you will be charged the full rate of that missed session.

You can pay for your sessions by debit or credit card, in person before each session or via online banking before a session commences and must be cleared funds at least 4 hours before your session starts. Cash payments will be taken upon arrival of the session.
Our terms of contract are available upon request and are given to you when you commence having counselling.

Life Coaching Pricing

Life Coaching Sessions cost £100.00 per hour.
That cost is per person and doesn't include any travel costs incurred by the Life Coach.


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